Orange, New South Wales - FK16

Conflict: First World War
Gun Serial Number: 12713
Carriage Mounting Serial Number:
Category: gun
Subcategory: Gun
Model: FK16
Calibre: 77.0mm (3.03")
Capture Location: Orange, N.S.W.
Capture By: 3 Bn
Capture Date: 18/09/1918
Gun Manufacture Date:
Gun Manufacturer:
Carriage Baseplate Manufacture Date:
Carriage Baseplate Manufacturer:
Original Allocation: Orange, N.S.W.
Current Location: Cook Park, Orange
Current Latitude:
Current Longitude:
Current Owner:
Current Ownership Date:
Current Owner Contact:
Extant: yes
Condition: good, uncovered, restored, secured
Condition Assessment Date: 06/05/2020
Condition description:
Notes: Captured by 3rd Battalion, 9 Brigade, 3 Australian Division, 1st AIF on 18 September 1918. Allotted to Orange as a War Trophy and was originally located at the South Western Corner of Robertson Park in the CBD until relocated to Cook Park in the 1940s. The gun was restored in 2007, including the construction of new wheels

Reported in the Orange 'Leader' ( 9 April 1920, Page 1 - GERMAN WHIZ-BANG FOR ORANGE)that this had in fact been captured by the 54th Battalion at Peronne on August 8, 1918.