Mitchell, Queensland - 7.58 cm lmw n/A

Conflict: First World War
Gun Serial Number: 2576
Carriage Mounting Serial Number:
Category: mortar
Subcategory: Mortar
Model: 7.58 cm lmw n/A
Calibre: 75.8mm (2.98")
Capture Location:
Capture By: Australian Corps
Capture Date:
Gun Manufacture Date: 01/01/1916
Gun Manufacturer: RheinMetall
Carriage Baseplate Manufacture Date:
Carriage Baseplate Manufacturer:
Original Allocation: Mitchell
Current Location: Mitchell Memorial Park, cnr. Warrego Highway and Ann Street
Current Latitude:
Current Longitude:
Current Owner:
Current Ownership Date:
Current Owner Contact:
Extant: yes
Condition: good, uncovered, restored, secured
Condition Assessment Date: 12/05/2020
Condition description: Replica wheels. Barrel plugged with concrete