Bonnie Doon, Victoria - 25 cm sMW n/A

Conflict: First World War
Gun Serial Number: 3478
Carriage Mounting Serial Number:
Category: mortar
Subcategory: Mortar
Model: 25 cm sMW n/A
Calibre: 245.0mm (9.65")
Capture Location:
Capture By:
Capture Date:
Gun Manufacture Date: 01/01/1917
Gun Manufacturer:
Carriage Baseplate Manufacture Date:
Carriage Baseplate Manufacturer:
Original Allocation:
Current Location: Bonnie Doon, Victoria
Current Latitude:
Current Longitude:
Current Owner:
Current Ownership Date:
Current Owner Contact:
Extant: yes
Condition: good, uncovered, unrestored, unsecured
Condition Assessment Date: 26/10/2020
Condition description:
Notes: Originally the German Trench Mortar was placed in front of the 1921 unveiled War Memorial, and while the photo from the High Country History website looks like it may still be in the same position, it was moved to where it stands today in 1955, when Sugarloaf Reservoir was enlarged to become Lake Eildon, and the town moved to avoid being submerged. (visit link)

"This German Trench Mortar was presented by the British Government at the request of Lord Novar to Mrs Ann F. Bon of Wappan Estate who now presents it to the inhabitants of Bonnie Doon." [ex-link above.] The ANZAC Memorial park is between Bon Crescent, and the Maroondah Highway. The photo mentioned above, in that link, shows the mortar 'uncapped'; whereas now it is covered at the mouth.

From the rear of the mortar is the following punched numbers: